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The self-assessment module


The self-assessment module takes you through a guided learning module that introduces the concept of industrial symbiosis and prepares your company to engage in industrial symbiosis.

The module consists of the following:

  • Knowledge and illustrative examples: An introduction to the concept of industrial symbiosis, the methodologies for its implementation within your company, and how industrial symbiosis can benefit your organisation. Your organisation may already be doing industrial symbiosis but not calling it as such.
  • Training exercises: Guided exercises to help you gain practical experience of the concepts
  • Activities to be carried out in your own organisation with supporting documents: Documents that you can download to help you log your organisation’s information and identify potential industrial symbiosis opportunities

The module is organised to reflect the process of preparing for industrial symbiosis. You can work your way through the areas in a linear fashion, or, if you prefer, navigate between the areas using the hyperlinks above.

The areas are:

  • Introduction to industrial symbiosis concepts
  • Mapping processes
  • Quantifying resources
  • Prioritising opportunities

After completion, proceed to the matching tool to enter the resources you have quantified and prioritised.