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The self-assessment module

Where to look for data

Your business already holds information on its resources coming in and out. Purchasing records can reveal quantities purchased, as well as how much money was spent on different supplies from one year to the next. If figures are not available on waste disposal cost and quantity, counting the number of bags, drums or skips of waste is a good alternative.

Meter readings can reveal how much money was spent on water and energy in recent months and years, and may help identify where or when water and energy are being consumed in your process.

Possible sources of information are listed on below.

Materials in

Account, purchased orders, shipping invoices/receipts, stocktaking, production manager, finance manager

Materials out

Sales figure, waste disposal documents, look in skips & bins, process line waste, legal document, meters


Invoices, main & submeter, utility provider, energy management system, plant & equipment logs


Invoice, main meter, sub meters, portable meters, utility provider


Consultancy paid for, staff training, staff training and certification


Equipment or process log, plant manager