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The network

CircLean is a European network of stakeholders interested in fostering the future of industrial symbiosis in the European Union. It brings together industries, public authorities, industry associations and researchers.

We will make available tools that evidence the impact of industrial symbiosis. Through our expertise and experience in the field, we will ensure that these tools reflect the needs and realities of European businesses, especially those in the chemical, steel, metal, construction and waste management sectors. We hope to inspire others to be leaders for change by sharing experiences and good practices both on new technologies as much as on successful industrial symbiosis programmes.

  • Industry actor: Ing. Darina Štyriaková PhD., CEO, ekolive s.r.o., CircLean Network Member “We provide an ecological technology for bioleaching and bioremediation, where by-products and effects are created as added values for other industries and applications. To make the business models viable, and to solve the complexity that arises for implementations and business models (within industrial symbiosis), it is indispensable to generate appropriate networks of participants, interested parties and profiteers of such solutions in advance – and the CircLean network is ideally suited for this purpose.”
  • Business association: Clotilde Champetier, Head of the Circular Economy, Association Orée CircLean Member “We believe in CircLean because it is not only an opportunity to meet other IS actors, but also to share our methodology, our good practices, and to discover those of other countries.”
  • Public authority: CircLean Network Member “As a public authority, we find it important to join CircLean. IS is a necessary component to support a climate resilient system in our region and a priority in our strategies. This project is an opportunity to put forward our needs as well as the particularities of our production system in a new monitoring system.”

CircLean members will have the opportunity to be part of the change and to influence the future of industrial symbiosis in Europe. You will have preview access to the CircLean reporting methodology, online tools and label and will be able to co-create them with us.