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CircLean Label

CircLean developed a specific European industrial symbiosis label to certify that organisations and businesses are committed to be compliant with the CircLean monitoring and reporting approach for industrial symbiosis transactions. 

A label to enhance visibility, credibility, and transparency around the results reported from industrial symbiosis activities in the EU. 

To date, there is a lack of neutral third-party aknowledgement and visibility of industrial symbiosis transaction in the EU. This affects the credibility and transparency of the impacts reported from industrial symbiosis activities across Europe. 

That is why CircLean has worked on a European industrial symbiosis label. It will be awarded in recognition of engagement in industrial symbiosis and of the fact that all transactions are reported accurately and truthfully, based on the CircLean reporting methodology codesigned by the Members of the Network and approved by the European Commission. 

Organisations and companies that comply with the CircLean process will be eligible for the certification.  It will help compliant organisations and businesses to communicate their sustainability efforts. The attribution of the label aims to provide a signal to industrial symbiosis counterparties that the labelholder complies with a transparent methododology in order to ensure they are trustworthy partners to other operators.

The CircLean label is available 1 year. There are two types of label:

Category 1

CircLean Label – CHAMPION  

Requirements: This is for approved Members of the Circlean Network having provided data on the activities carried out to support industrial symbiosis, for example number of companies motivated to engage in industrial symbiosis transactions, number of training courses on industrial symbiosis provided, number of events organised on industrial symbiosis, etc. 

Category 2

CircLean Label – BRONZE 

Requirements: For organisations with physical material flows for industrial symbiosis having (1) completed the online CircLean ‘self-assessment module’ (allows organisations to assess in a fairly simple way whether they are ready for IS) and (2) registered their details and resources in the online CircLean ‘matching tool’ and in so doing, expressed their interest in and availability for matchmaking. 

CircLean Label – SILVER 

Requirements: For organisations with physical material flows for industrial symbiosis having met the requirements (1) and (2) for the basic level and (3) having reported on real industrial symbiosis transactions in the CircLean ‘matching tool’ (i.e. volumes exchanged).  

CircLean Label – GOLD 

Requirements: For organisations with physical material flows for industrial symbiosis having met the requirements (1), (2) and (3) for the Silver level and (4) having included such industrial symbiosis transactions in their yearly company reports where this has been verified by an independent third party. 

So far, the CirLean Label has been awarded to the following companies.

MembersCircLean Label awardedDate of awardEnd of validity
ArcelorMittal Innovación, Investigación e Inversión, S.L.Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
ARCHIHYPE SRLChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd.Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Bersey ConsultingChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Boldrocchi Iberica, SLChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
CEEI ElcheChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Center for Logistik og SamarbejdeChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Fundación CIRCE – Research Centre for Energy Resources and ConsumptionChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Circularity S.r.l.Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
CLEANTECH LATVIAChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Comunidad de MadridChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Eco Tech HausChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
EIT RawMaterials GmbHChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
ekolive s.r.o.Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler UniversitätChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Francesco SgromoChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Fundecyt-PCTEx, Science and Technology Park of ExtremaduraChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Ghent University, Energy & Cluster ManagementChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
GOVI NVChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Gruener Hering – Agentur fuer Circular EconomyChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit LtdChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Industrial Management Research GroupChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
INEOS GroupChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Instituto de tecnología Cerámica (ITC)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Iris Technology Solutions SLChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Maribor Development AgencyChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Mondragon University – Faculty of Business MIK Research CenterChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Motiva LtdChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
National Research and Development Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals-IMNRChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Association ORÉEChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Paper ProvinceChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Public Service of Wallonia(Service public de Wallonie)–Economic Policy DepartmentChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
QuatraChampion, Bronze31.10.202231.10.2023
Regional Development Agency for Podravje-MariborChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Southern Region Waste Management OfficeChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (MEERI)Champion31.10.202231.10.2023
Tretorget ASChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Universidad de CantabriaChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
University of Jyväskylä/Kokkola University Consortium ChydeniusChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
University of Thessaly School of Engineering – Department of planning and regional developmentChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
White ResearchChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
Regional Council of HämeChampion31.10.202231.10.2023
SEN InnovaChampion07.11.202207.11.2023

If you are interested in taking part in the construction of this European industrial symbiosis label, contact us.