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The self-assessment module

Step 1: Map your process

A process map will help you think about your company’s resources holistically:

  • A systematic approach to identifying resources available for industrial symbiosis
  • As simple or as detailed as you wish
  • Map a single process or map your site

You decide how simple or complex you want your business process map to be’ is already covered in the bullets, although the original intent of the final line was to stand out as a ‘take away

Mapping your processes areas

First, start thinking

  • Where is the process taking place? Your departments and processes may include the following (you may have different names): Goods in/out, storage, pre-production, production/process, support services, mechanical plant/boiler, waste management, canteen/kitchen/toilets
  • What resources go in and out of that process? Remember to think broadly about all types of resource in your process area; such as material, energy, water, capacity and expertise.
  • Each process area will contain some or all of the different resource categories.
  • The specific resources will change depending on the production process being investigated