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Online matching tool

Identifying opportunities and finding the right partner for industrial symbiosis transactions is not always easy.  CircLean’s online tool will make it easier to set up industrial symbiosis transactions and to evaluate their outcomes. 

The CircLean online tool will help companies engage in and report on industrial symbiosis transactions.

The CircLean online matching tool will help the user to: 

  • Identify partners – The matchmaking functionality will allow a user to identify potential industrial symbiosis partners based on their resources entered and geographic location. The ADVISOR function will automatically suggest potential matches based on a library of public IS interactions.
  • Gather evidence – The tool will include an evidence-gathering functionality based on the CircLean reporting methodology to measure and report on the benefits of industrial symbiosis.  
  • Get visibility – By registering for the tool and using the CircLean methodology, you will have the opportunity to apply for the CircLean label. 

Together with its network members, CircLean is testing and revising an online tool designed to facilitate industrial symbiosis transactions for businesses in Europe. The beta testing of the tool will take place in autumn 2021.