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Self-assessment module

Many companies may not know where to start on their industrial symbiosis journey and appreciate assistance in identifying and prioritising resource opportunities within their business. The self-assessment module introduces the concept of industrial symbiosis, with a three-stage assessment process of their site, resources, and potential match opportunities. Companies that feel confident in these areas can move straight to the online matching tool.

The CircLean self-assessment module will help companies prepare for engaging in industrial symbiosis

The self-assessment module takes the user through a guided learning module that introduces the concept of industrial symbiosis and prepares the user to engage in industrial symbiosis for their own company. The user is guided through identifying waste streams and other under-utilised resources that can be repurposed by companies in different sectors, and how to gather evidence and data for these resources. Ideas are presented to help the user identify substitutes for inputs leading to a diversified and more robust supply chain. 

Completing the self-assessment module is not required before using the online matching tool. As its design is modular, you can navigate through the tool to whichever sections you’d like to explore, without the need to complete all sections before being able to progress.

The CircLean self-assessment module is organised into sections: 

  • Introduction – what is industrial symbiosis, what are the different types of resources – both material and non-material, introduction to the concept of alternative input resources and alternative uses for output resources
  • Step 1: Map your process – How do resources move through your business processes? Where are resources located? Development of a process map for resources. Download and complete a process map for your site.
  • Step 2: Quantify your resources – Which resources present business opportunities through industrial symbiosis? Where can you obtain information to quantify your resources? Download and complete a data collection form.
  • Step 3: Prioritise your resources – Which business opportunities are a priority for you to pursue? What factors should you consider in creating a prioritisation matrix? Download and complete a prioritisation matrix for your resources.