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The self-assessment module

Exercise 2 – What words for waste or resources do you use?

A wasted resource is anything that does not add value to the product. Each business has a variety of words it uses for waste, in addition to the word “waste”. Recognising these other words may help you identify further potentially valuable resources in your company that may be underutilised.

Write down six words for waste that you have in your company or process:

It may be easier to start identifying resources in solid wastes resulting from your production process. However, remember to include also other resources like energy, water, capacity and expertise.

Below, you will see a list of other words for waste. Go through the list and note any of the words that you use in your company. Are there any words you use in your company that are not on the list?

Example words for waste

Batch growthMake-readyRunners
Cancelled ordersMaterial varianceScrap
Contaminated solidsMixing over-runSecond quality
Conveyor lossNon-conformancesSeconds
CreditsObsolete stockSewage
Customer returnsOffcutsShortages
DamageOut-of-shelf lifeShrinkage
DefectsOut-of-specSide run
Deposit lossOvercountSkip hire
Dipstick errorOverdeliverySlow moving stock
Dirty solventOverfillSludge
DowngradeOver issueSpare mix
DrainingsOver productionSprues
DregsOverspecStart-up allowance
DrossOverweightStock loss
DustProcess lossSurplus
Edge trimPurgingsSwarf
EffluentQuality samplesSweepings
EvaporationReaction lossTails
Excess stockRecoverable lossTops
ExtractionReel endsTrash
FlashReel strippingsTrials material
GiveawayRejectsUnrecoverable loss
Head wasteResidueUsage allowance
Hidden lossesResortUsage variance
Inspection lossReturnsWorkaway
Invisible lossReworkYield loss