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What are the next steps for CircLean?

After the launch event in February 2021 CircLean is taking shape with the Network Secretariat set up and task forces put together and running. The methodology of the services has been finalised and are now in the final stages of set-up and fine-tuning. When will they be available for use and where can you get involved in the meantime?

Self-assessment tool

The self-assessment tool takes the user through a guided learning module that introduces the concept of industrial symbiosis and prepares the user to engage in industrial symbiosis for their own company. The user is guided through identifying waste streams and other under-utilised resources that can be repurposed by companies in different sectors, and how to gather evidence and data for these resources. Ideas are presented to help the user identify substitutes for inputs leading to a diversified and more robust supply chain. 

This tool will be available on this website in autumn 2021.

Online matching tool

Identifying opportunities and finding the right partner for industrial symbiosis transactions is not always easy. CircLean’s online matching tool will make it easier to set up industrial symbiosis transactions and to evaluate their outcomes. 

Together with its network members, CircLean is currently testing and revising an online tool designed to facilitate industrial symbiosis transactions for businesses in Europe. The tool will be open for beta testing in autumn 2021.

Reporting methodology

The reporting methodology is developed in co-creation with the CircLean Network members to ensure it accurately reflects end-users’ (businesses’) needs. Starting from the existing NISP® reporting methodology (adapted by facilitators in 12 Member States), CircLean will consult and adapt to align it with the network requirements. The CircLean reporting methodology also aims at harmonising information on industrial symbiosis and establish a reliable evidence base at EU-level.

The CircLean label

To date, there is a lack of neutral third-party aknowledgement and visibility of industrial symbiosis transaction in the EU. This affects the credibility and transparency of the impacts reported from industrial symbiosis activities across Europe. CircLean is developing a specific European industrial symbiosis label to certify businesses that are compliant with the CircLean approach for industrial symbiosis transactions.

The label is currently being discussed at task force meetings to understand the needs, challenges, and concerns. If you are interested in taking part in the construction of this European industrial symbiosis label, contact us.