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The Congres Ressources hosts French CircLean Open Innovation Workshop

The 10th and final CircLean Open Innovation Workshop was organised on the 19-20 October, 2022 at Aube Congress Centre in Troyes, France. The workshop received the organisational support from the Club d’Ecologie Industrielle de l’Aube and was incorporated in the Congres Ressources, the main French event on Industrial Symbiosis.

The opening round table, on “the diversity of Industrial Symbiosis approaches in Europe” was moderated by Samuel Sauvage, Project Director at Auxilia Conseil, and gathered Laurent Zibell, from Trinomics, J. Kaipainen Aipainen, from the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), F. Ferrando Casanova, from IVACE (Spain), and P. Nemes from Paper Province (Sweden). The discussions revolved around several themes including, the relevance of Industrial Symbiosis(IS) and Circular Economy practices, the EU IS ambitions and CircLean’s role, take-aways from previous OIW and examples of IS best practices in the Kokkala province.  Following the round table, in the context of the larger event, 24 short pitches were performed on relevant IS topics.

The second round table revolved around “Sustainability of IS approaches in rural areas”. It was moderated by S. Dermine-Brullot, from the University of Technology of Troyes and it gathered  R. Lubin, Project Officer in the Grand Est Region, C. Laurent, from the Réseau Rural Grand Est, C. Derail, from NymphéA & EIT and V. Baudon, from Recto Verso 79. One of the central topics of discussion was the financing of IS facilitation in rural low-density areas. Good practice testimonials stated that a robust model includes financing from various sources including membership fees, and public subsidies.  

The second day of the event took the form of an exhibition forum.  17 solution-providers held individual booths to enable one-to-one discussions with the event’s attendants and CircLean was one of them. The consortium members seized this opportunity to present and discuss the network’s functioning and methodology as well as showcase the CircLean video.

The full report of the Open Innovation Workshop which includes more discussion takeaways can be found here.

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