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Call for participants: Test the upcoming INSIGHT online course for Industrial Symbiosis Facilitators

INSIGHT, an Erasmus+ project offering to develop a new professional profile, the industrial symbiosis facilitator, and the training curriculum associated to it, is currently looking for participants to test an online platform where the INSIGHT training course will be available.

An industrial symbiosis facilitator would be responsible of different tasks: to conduct an analysis in its area of influence, to define and promote possible synergies between companies from different sectors, to capitalise on the benefits of the circular economy in them, etc. The area of influence will depend on the labour profile, whether at the local, regional level, within the same technology park, etc.

After following the training course, participants will:

  • be equipped with the right skills and knowledge about Industrial Symbiosis from today and tomorrow;
  • have access to new job opportunities;
  • know how to boost businesses to adopt circular economy principles.

Discover the INSIGHT Joint Curriculum in detail here.

To finalise the online platform, the INSIGHT partners are looking for potential learners to test one of the five modules of the course. The testing period will take place between 25 October and 15 December 2021. Modules will require between 20.5 and 37 hours of study, and will be followed by an online evaluation form.

By joining the INSIGHT pool of testers, you will not only contribute to mainstream industrial symbiosis but also get an exclusive access to the Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator training course.

If you are interested, read the call for participants on www.insight-erasmus.eu or register directly via this form https://forms.gle/ftyfq1c6yiPjtMit9