European network of businesses and SMEs for Industrial Symbiosis

About the project

Industrial symbiosis, a key part of the EU’s emerging Circular Economy policies

While the reuse of raw materials through industrial symbiosis can have economic and environmental benefits, there are still challenges to its uptake in Europe.

CircLean aims at mobilising industries and relevant stakeholders to overcome these challenges and to seize business opportunities through increased industrial symbiosis.

About the project

The CircLean Network

The CircLean Network

The CircLean project aims to set up a network of industries, public authorities and industry associations to reflect on:

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CircLean launch event

Industrial symbiosis as an opportunity
for climate neutrality

Tuesday 23/02/2021

Join us for the CircLean launch event on 23 February 2021 from 9.00 to 13.00 CET. We’ll officially launch the CircLean network as a concrete opportunity to tap into the potential of industrial symbiosis for European businesses.

The virtual event will be highly interactive. A presentation of CircLean’s main ambition and the potential of IS will be followed by testimonials from members on reasons for joining the network. A roundtable of speakers on the importance of IS for the EU Green Deal and an interactive discussion will then ensue

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Our team

CircLean is an initiative of the European Commission. It is implemented by a consortium including Technopolis Group, Trinomics, International Synergies LTD and Arctik.

CircLean is supported by key partners A’SPIRE, EIT Raw Materials and ACR+